What did Kanye West get Kim Kardashian for Valentines Day? Well according to an instagram post by Kim, She received A thousand roses ...

Kristin Cavallari shared a photo of her big baby bump today as she posted a photo on Instagram captioned. “Baby bump getting BIG.” The 27 Year old Cavallari is pregnant with her Second child. Here is one of our recent videos of Kristin ...

Kanye West drops a rap on Beyonce’s song “Drunk in love”
Take a listen for yourself

Beyonce was excited as she posted snippets on her instagram

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Hilary Duff recently posted a photo on her Instagram with the Hashtags #modernfamily #vacation #juicypear. The Photo is of Hillary, Mike and Luca on vacation together after one month or so has gone by where Hilary and Mike came out and said they were separating. Humm.. could we see a new start? Hopefully Hillary and Mike work things out.

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Here is one of our recent videos of Hilary Duff

Pop singer turned Voice Judge Christina Aguilera is Engaged! The 33 year old singer posted a photo on her twitter captioned “He asked and I said……” Christina also tweeted hours before “Happy Valentine’s Day to all my fans! Hope it is Unforgettable!” was she hinting at something? Congratulations Christina! Here is one of our recent...

Paris Hilton recently posted a photo with her dog Peter Pan in her red Ferrari.
The Caption of her photo says Happy Valentine’s Day
I wonder where River is we have not seen him in a while.
Hope that the 2 are doing well.
Paris is one of WCTV’S favorite!!!


Here is our video of Paris and her boyfriend arguing at lax

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Ellen Page came out today as a lesbian. “I’m here today because I am gay,” said Ellen at Time to THRIVE which benifits LGBTQ youths. Ellen recently Tweeted @EllenPage Thank you @HRC and everyone for all the love and support. Here is a photo posted on Instagram by Lance Bass , I just watched Ellen Page come out! Wow! What a speech! Congrats!! #HRC...